La boutique Genève

Create your unique 3D avatar with the Geneva store, official Bang & Olufsen retailer

At Boutique Genève, official retailer of Bang & Olufsen, we are passionate about self-expression through music. That’s why we have developed an innovative digital platform that allows you to transform all the music in your life into a unique 3D avatar. This custom avatar reflects your personality and can be shared with the world. Find out how your music can come to life and become a true extension of yourself.
Express yourself through your music:
Studies show that the music you listen to is positively linked to different personality traits such as open-mindedness, extroversion and self-awareness. It is also a reflection of the subculture with which you identify. At the Geneva boutique, we wondered about how this could translate in practice. Our designers have turned this idea into a unique art form by allowing you to express yourself in a whole new way through a personalized avatar. This avatar comes to life on your screen, wiggling, swirling and spinning to the beat of your music. Discover how your music can truly embody who you are.

A premium listening experience:

Your taste in music says a lot about you. They reflect your beliefs, your personality and your emotions. At Boutique Genève, we believe it deserves to be seen and heard with exceptional sound quality. Each avatar we create is unique and represents an expressive personality with distinct arms, legs, accessories and color palette. Individually designed to accurately capture your musical tastes, each avatar benefits from our expertise and attention to detail, just like our other high-quality products. Immerse yourself in this experience by simply logging into your Spotify account or answering a few questions. Our algorithms will take care of harmonizing with the rhythms that make you vibrate on a daily basis. It’s time to explore your sonic personality and bring it to the fore.

Reveal your sonic personality:

Whether you’re a hardcore pop fan, alternative music lover, or casual listener, your 3D avatar is sure to amaze you. Every second counts, every note is precious and you now have the opportunity to reveal your personality in broad daylight. Watch your listening habits come to life and discover more about yourself. Create your avatar now by following this link: