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Connect your Musical Legacy to the Future with the Bang & Olufsen Beoconnect Core System

Immerse yourself in an immersive sound experience with La Boutique Genève which
combines classic musical heritage with cutting-edge technology thanks to the Beoconnect Core system. This innovative box opens the doors to a new era of connectivity, allowing music enthusiasts to rediscover the richness of their audio collection with unprecedented ease. Discover how this revolutionary little device can transform your music space, for generations to come.

A Bridge Between the Past and the Future:
The Beoconnect Core system is much more than just a box; it’s a bridge between the past and the future of your audio collection. Whether you have speakers
Classic B&Os or a vinyl turntable, the Beoconnect Core integrates them harmoniously into your modern setup. Rediscover the purity of sound with unparalleled fidelity, transforming your spaces into sanctuaries

Limitless Connectivity:
One of the standout features of the Beoconnect Core is its connectivity versatility. Whether it’s your television, your vinyl turntable, or even your speakers, this system adapts to all screens and all audio equipment. With its HDMI ARC jack and other connection options, Beoconnect Core delivers a cinematic sound experience at home, turning every movie night into an immersive adventure.

A Personalized Experience:
Your music space is unique, and Beoconnect Core recognizes this. Whether you want to create an impressive home theater system or simply integrate your existing B&O speakers, this system adapts to your needs. With flexible customization options, you can shape your sound experience to suit your style and preferences, unlocking the hidden potential of your audio collection.

Simplified Installation:
Installing Beoconnect Core is as simple as using it. With an intuitive plug-and-play setup, this system lets you focus on what matters: enjoying your music. Plus, with 24/7 customer service, Bang & Olufsen ensures your experience remains hassle-free every step of the way.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beoconnect Core is more than just an accessory
audio; it’s a gateway to an exceptional musical experience. By combining the timeless elegance of the B&O brand with advanced technology
cutting edge, this system offers music lovers the opportunity to create sonic memories that will last a lifetime. Transform your musical heritage into an immersive experience for generations to come with Beoconnect Core.