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At the Speed of Sound: The Bang & Olufsen Automotive Audio Experience

At Bang & Olufsen, we transform an ordinary car journey into a sensory symphony. The challenge is significant, because the car is one of the environments least conducive to sound purity. However, it is not impossible to achieve.
Transform your commute into a sensory symphony with Bang & Olufsen. Our passion for sound translates into an audio experience rich in emotion. Since 1925, we have specialized in the art of sound reproduction, and it is this expertise that we bring to the automotive world.
A Redefinition of In-Board Audio Systems
Road noise, engine noise, wind noise and limited cabin space can all affect sound quality. Our acoustic engineers take on this challenge to ensure you experience rich, deep and authentic sound, taking in-car audio systems to the next level.
Listening Faithfully to the Recording
Since our beginnings, our philosophy has been to offer you pure and balanced sound, faithful to the original source.
Our partners
We transform driving into a beautifully rich and balanced audio experience. The challenge is significant, because the car is one of the least conducive environments to obtain pure sound. But it is not impossible to achieve.
Audio Features
● Acoustic Lens technology
Acoustic Lens technology creates an increased sense of space and realism, while maximizing the ideal listening area in front of the speaker.
● Speaker Integration
All speakers are specially designed for each vehicle model and mounted in molded and sealed enclosures where necessary.
● ICE Amplifiers, TrueImage™ Technology and Dynamic Sound Adjustment
ICEpower amplifiers enable the design of compact amplifiers that minimize heat energy loss and maximize power to the speakers. TrueImage™ technology delivers intelligent sound distribution to each speaker, while Dynamic Sound Adjustment uses microphones to constantly optimize the audio experience based on the environment.
● Design Details
Bang & Olufsen sound systems are designed to delight the eye as well as the ear. The elegant details of the parcel shelf, dashboard and doors highlight the exceptional performance you have come to expect from an in-car audio system.
● Start from the Beginning
Advanced digital signal processing ensures intelligent and even distribution of sound between each speaker, providing a beautifully balanced listening experience wherever you sit in the car.

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