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97 YEARS OF MAGIC: A dialogue between past and present

Since the first product launched in 1925, classic Bang & Olufsen designs have forged our brand’s visionary heritage.

Immerse yourself in enchantment. In 1934, Hyperbo 5 RG Steel
Created by Bang & Olufsen, this early example of a furniture-integrated audio device was ahead of its time and is a fundamental pillar of design history. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement and the office chair (designed by Marcel Breuer) of our founder, Peter Bang, this device was produced in limited quantities. In 1939, Beolit 39

The Beolit 39, the first in a series of radios made by Bang & Olufsen, inaugurated the new product naming system beginning with the word “Beo”. This innovative bakelite radio, featuring an organic shape, was inspired by a Buick dashboard. Its name inspired the Beolit 12, a design icon, which inaugurated the “On-the-go” product category in 2012. In 1959, Beovision Capri TV
This elegant 17-inch teak TV with fixed feet is the first in a series of devices inspired by Danish modern furniture in terms of expressions, materials and forms. The long legs, rounded corners and slightly tilted screen in front of the cathode ray tube represented a move towards a more minimalist look.

In 1972, Beogram 4000
Designed by Jacob Jensen, this turntable represented a major technological innovation. It was distinguished by the innovative use of a tangential sound arm to faithfully reproduce sound as it was recorded. Its unique suspension absorbed horizontal movements, making it a much more stable turntable for playback than others on the market. The Beogram 4000 has been recognized in MoMa’s design collection for its elegant combination of teak wood and aluminum, as well as its avant-garde functional vision.

In 1976 Beomaster 1900
Designed by Jacob Jensen, this radio tuner and amplifier revolutionized the market with its touch controls for opening and closing, as well as easy access to the main functions while hiding the secondary functions. Winner of the IDA Prize in 1976, this device is a permanent piece of the MoMa’s collection.

In 1984, Beovox CX 100
Remaining in production until the end of 2003, this classic passive loudspeaker designed by Jacob Jensen is the most successful loudspeaker in the history of Bang & Olufsen. With an aluminum casing covered in black fabric, it offers a sleek design that is both timeless and retro.

In 1985, Beovision MX 2000
Designed by David Lewis, the Beovision MX2000 was a whole new kind of television. Visually striking with its high-contrast screen, it also introduced stereo, automatic channel search and a state-of-the-art remote control. Tilted slightly backwards to sit on the floor or on a table, it brought a relaxed approach to TV design.

In 1986, Beocenter 9000
Designed by Jacob Jensen, this combined radio-cassette CD player was an evolution of the Beomaster 1900 by the same designer. Visionary to the end, its aluminum and glass surface hid touch controls and functions that only appeared when changing CDs or tapes.

In 1996 Beosound 9000
Designed by David Lewis, this floor-standing version of the Beosound 9000 embodies innovation, technology and dynamism at Bang & Olufsen. Its 6 CD changer is the fastest in the world. If the device could continue, it would reach 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds, comparable to current sports cars.

In 1998, Beocom 6000
Designed by Henrik Sørig Thomsen, this curved design cordless phone sports a simple and elegant shape. With a technology wheel to easily browse through lists of numbers, it was accompanied by wall or table charging bases.

In 2003, Beosound 3200
Also called Beosound Overture and designed by David Lewis, this classic radio and CD set ushered in the early 1990s with a new approach that focused on function rather than form. Vertical CD playback, a world first, allowed wall mounting, while the glass doors automatically opened with a flick of the hand to reveal the controls below.

In 2012, Beoplay A9
Created by Øivind Alexander Slaatto, this Multiroom speaker merging with the furniture offers an all-in-one, powerful and perfectly circular audio system. With its beautiful fabric, its aluminum ring and its wooden legs, it is personalized to adapt to each space. In 2015, Beoplay A2
Designed by Cecilie Manz, this lightweight and portable “On-the-go” product at just 1.1kg delivers great sound without compromise. Crafted from extruded aluminum, the speaker features a luxurious leather strap and projects sound from both sides.