Beoplay H3

Pure and powerful sound

Premium in-ear headphones for authentic sound experiences. Robust yet ultra-light, designed to fit with precision and comfort.


Designed for each and every ear

Extra soft rubber ear tips in different sizes, ensure a perfect fit for your ears. With a snug and comfortable fit, there’s no sound leakage — and all you get is incredible acoustic performance.


Big sound in a compact format

Le nouveau Beoplay H9 bénéficie d’une foule de nouvelles fonctionnalités, dont le mode Transparence et l’intégration de l’assistant vocal. Par ailleurs, son nouveau port dédié aux fréquences graves diffuse des basses encore plus profondes.


Free yourself from tangles

The tangle-resistant cord make Beoplay H3 easy to grab and use without wasting time untangling it. The tactile buttons on the inline remote and microphone provide easy and pleasant access to your controls.


Robust yet ultra-light

Beoplay H3 have unique housings crafted from lightweight metal that makes them robust yet ultra-light. 26 air vents are precision-drilled to reduce weight and optimise their comfort and performance.

Tech specs